Kale Sligh with his beautiful wife and two crazy boys.

Kristopher Kale Sligh

Kristopher Kale Sligh

Kristopher Kale SlighKristopher Kale SlighKristopher Kale Sligh

I welcome all invitations to connect! Kristopher Kale Sligh

About Me

My Experience

 I’m an experienced Sr. Marketing Executive with broad expertise in marketing strategy, digital transformation, user experience design, product development and project management.

My Skillset

 I consider myself a confident and forward-thinking leader with a “customer-first” mentality; adept at managing large, multi-department, multi-vendor strategic projects. I like to drive tangible and innovative change while consistently delivering results that exceed expectations.

My Goals

I am looking for an opportunity in a fast-paced technology-centered environment that drives company strategy, creates industry innovation and has a real impact on the customer’s experience.

Kale Sligh

We like to have fun at work!

Kale Sligh with the best digital team in TN at a costume party.

Halloween costume contest at work...of course our team won!  We were all the different holidays throughout the day. Kristopher Kale Sligh

Nashville Skies

Kale Sligh riding in downtown Nashville during sunset.

Took this riding downtown (In an Uber of course).  Nashville is a beautiful city.  There's something about the sunsets that are just different.

New Franklin Home

Kale Sligh new house in Franklin.  She needs a lot of work, but we love the lot!

Our new home in TN.  She needs some work but the foundation is great and the lot is great.  We look forward to the journey of fixing her up in the next few years.

Extended Family Night

Kale Sligh with his extended family and wife.

Fun night with PawPaw, Uncle Cal, Uncle Cody and Aunt Beth.  We don't have enough of these but when we do, we try to cherish every minute. Kristopher Kale Sligh

Where It Starts

Kale Sligh and his wife Tuesday Sligh

Me and beautiful wife on date night in Franklin, TN.  Take some time off from the boys but probably talking about them the entire time.

Christmas Beach Castles

Beach trip with Kale Sligh and his two boys Kohen and Kristian Kale Sligh.

Me and the boys building a Christmas sand castle.  It wasn't as warm as we were expecting but we had a great time.  


Please feel free to download my last resume.

Kale Sligh Resume (pdf)

Kristopher Kale Sligh

Cody & Beth's Wedding

Family Wedding

One of the best family pictures we have ever taken at Cody's wedding.  Kristian Kale Sligh didnt quite get the smile memo, but it works! 

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