Kristopher Kale Sligh

Christmas on the beach!


Building a Christmas sand castle with my boys Kohen Sligh (aka KoKo) and Kristian Kale.

Ninja Training


 My oldest, Kristian Kale Sligh, having his first sparring session.  Part of me enjoys seeing him learn discipline and another part of me questions training him to fight better.

Ninja Training, Too


 KoKo winning his first session, because of course, if Kristian is going to spar, so is Kohen.  These boys will forever be competitive.  

Franklin in Fall


 My wife and I enjoying the Fall weather at a Franklin country event.  

Daddy Face


The boys thought it was hilarious to put bubbles on their face and put their "daddy face" on.  

Beach Ready


 These boys are quite a par.  They told me to take their picture before we went to the beach and this was the pose they gave me